Politics Make it Possible, Women Make it Work!

 “Keeping Alabama Republican Strong in 2018”

Welcome to the Alabama Federation of Republican Women.

As we welcome the New Year, we are aware of the importance of the upcoming mid-term election to our state and to our country.

Alabama is thriving with a strong economy, the lowest unemployment rate in years, and our continuing success in attracting major industries to our state.

We must strive to elect only those candidates who will strongly support Alabama’s reputation as “Business Friendly” and insist that all elected officials support and demonstrate strong Christian Values.

AFRW women are dedicated to conservative principles and work diligently for our candidates.  We are proud of the leadership and achievements of our women in high office, Governor Kay Ivey and Chief Justice Lyn Stuart.

Going forward, we must be ever diligent to preserve what we have accomplished, to be ever watchful for lack of resolve in our mission, and this election year set our course for victory and be fully committed early on to do what it takes to achieve all of our goals.

Vicki Self Bailey
President, Alabama Federation of Republican Women





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